Don Tapscott (Keyboards, vocals) – a widely proclaimed cyber-guru, Don’s musical roots trace back to the 1960’s where he performed regularly with the Don Tapscott Sr. Dance Band.   Coming into his own musically, he founded the Village Squares which won the top prize at the Ontario-wide Cobourg folk festival in 1965 (He says he was 3 at the time).  He later became the mysterious 3rd member of a Yorkville coffee house called The Pilgrims Three and later played keyboards in the band John Bull’s Other Island. In the 1980’s he performed with a heavy metal (honestly) group called Black Rainbow.  Despite his reputation as the oracle of new technology, Don’s musical tastes are still firmly rooted in the ‘60s and he brings a core of Motown R&B to the band’s music.  His weapon of choice is the Hammond B3, which unlike the micro gadgets he preaches about, still takes a small transport truck and team of 4 to lug around to gigs.  But it sounds so sweet on Green-Eyed lady………..

Gerry Throop (Lead vocals, guitar) – a Bay Street financial executive with more musical toys than hair (and he’s still got a full head of it…..), Gerry brings a sort of Sting meets Mellencamp (in his own mind anyway….) styling to his vocal performances.  In the 70’s he was founding member of the never acclaimed Quickshadow, a west end ‘hair band’ more known for their cool wheels than their music.  In the 80’s he formed a company band called TMC Rox where he met up with Stewart Borden.  In the 90’s he teamed up with fellow guitarist Jim Hardy to form DTMF, who’s memorable performances at the Nags head are still talked about today……and if the police call that was another Gerry Throop and Jim Hardy….pure coincidence…..really…..

Jim Hardy (Lead guitar, vocals) – a media and telecom investment banker, Jim brings a certain ‘what the hell was that’ to his guitar work in MIS.  An engineer by background, his pedal board looks like a Bell switching centre, and the only downside is, as a result, his playing too quiet……the band is always asking him to turn up…..Jim’s storied musical past includes stints with  Montego Shine, Fast Fournier and the Nyquist Criterion and DTMF.  Jim’s musical influences include Tower of Power and occasionally when the mood strikes, he has been known to drag out his sax and wail like the ‘Tower’ (although it’s not clear that Tower of Power ever actually played The Girl from Ipanema…..)

Stewart Borden (Bass, vocals) – a financial services consultant, Stewart is always the best dressed member of the band.  Taking Men in Suits literally he always shows up to gigs in full Saville Row attire (we’re not really sure if he likes dressing that way….or whether he just doesn’t get the joke……).    Stewart, originally a piano student found all those white and black thingies too confusing, not to mention the over 180 strings, and since Stew can’t count that high…..he opted for just 4 strings – the bass.  Probably the best musician in the group, the other band members who work in the financial services industry have conspired to give him so much consulting work that he has no time to look for new band mates.  After a stint at university with Mr. Christie and the Good Cookie, Stew gigged with the Toronto bar band Thurston Howell and the Lovies before he began playing with Gerry in TMC Rox, and the rest as they say is (sordid) history.

Vince Mazza (Drums, Vocals)a finance executive, Vince is the newest, youngest and best looking of the men in MIS (just ask him…).  Having partially financed his education by playing in bar bands including ‘Has Anyone Seen My Pants?’ and ‘Flat Broke’, we first met Vince while he was taking a sabbatical from music, after a horrible incident with a loose drumstick and roadie in his previous band.  We convinced Vince that twirling drumsticks wasn’t even that cool in the 70s, and coached him back to the ‘skins’.  His sizzling back beat and razor sharp sense of timing (count-ins not included) keep us grounded at all (ok, most…) times.  

Niki Tapscott (Lead Vocals) – ahh….what can we say about Niki… that doesn’t get us in trouble (her dad is in the band after all…..).  Nik is a newly minted consultant and just about everything else, given her tender age.  As lead female vocalist, she adds a certain ‘hot chick’ dimension (sorry Don….) to the MIS experience.  She is equally comfortable on stage with material from Aretha to Alicia to Gloria…..and helps bring the old farts in the band into the new musical millennium.  Previously with……er the Havergal Girls School choir……Niki joined us several years ago after stepping up to the mic at a jam session in Don’s boathouse.  Niki’s ‘posse’ can always be counted on to spice up an MIS event….and create serious hangovers for the other band members who try to keep up at the after parties…..


2 thoughts on “Bios

  1. Whatever happened to that other hot guitar player you had? Best of luck at the Orbit Room boys (men?) I’ll try and stop by and say hello if I have the time!

    Andrew Starr

  2. Just a note to say hi! to Don. Your dad tried to teach me French at Myer. You look like him. We did not know as students how talented he was, but I think he and Gord Overend wrote the school song. He used to use a stile to get to the school. I thought that was unique (cool?). Regards.

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